Everyone should Sparkle!

Welcome to Bejeweled Salon!

Located in the heart of Richmond, Kentucky! A small cozy hidden gem with a dash of sparkle! Come in and relax and feel at home! We want every guest to leave feeling wonderful inside and out!

Bejeweled Salon is not your typical salon. It is not jam packed with stylist, chairs and people! It is relaxing, quiet and cozy. Have a child and no babysitter? Bring them along, we love kids!



All of our Artists are licensed in the State of Kentucky, and happy to serve you! We are a strong believer in continuing education and keeping up with the latest trends! We believe there is always something new to learn! Our Stylists are very nice and considerate. Have a special accommodation? Feel free to let us know, we are always happy to help in any way we can! When you leave Bejeweled Salon you will Sparkle!


We love our customers!

At Bejeweled Salon we value our customers. The customers are what makes the Salon what it is, we appreciate each and every customer that walks through our door. We offer snacks, drinks, and of course Coffee with every service!



We are located right in the heart of Richmond, KY behind Gates Ford and Lincoln. We are a convenient call and location away.

Indulge Yourself

Come, Relax and Enjoy

Your Secret Place of Beauty