The haircutting process

We start things off with a free consultation. Our expert stylists learn about what you have in mind, then recommend the right look to complement your face shape, lifestyle and overall preferences. Weather you choose a dry haircut, or go all in for a relaxing Shampoo, cut and style, we will get the perfect haircut for you! Book online today, text or call the Salon. We look forward to helping recreate your look!

Women’s haircuts are like artistic expressions for your tresses! Imagine your hair as a canvas, and a haircut is the masterpiece that brings it to life. From sassy pixie cuts that scream confidence to flowing layers that dance in the breeze, women’s haircuts are the ultimate way to show off your personality. It’s a bit like choosing an outfit for your hair – classic bobs for a timeless look, funky asymmetrical cuts for an edgy vibe, and curls that bring a touch of whimsy. So, whether you’re going for a daring change or a subtle tweak, we got you!

Common Haircuts

  1. Bob Cut: A short haircut where the hair is typically cut straight around the head at jaw level or above.
  2. Pixie Cut: Very short hair, often with layers to add texture.
  3. Layered Cut: Hair is cut at different lengths to create layers and dimension.
  4. Lob (Long Bob): A longer version of the bob, usually reaching the shoulders or collarbone.
  5. Shag Cut: A layered haircut with a messy, textured finish.
  6. Blunt Cut: Hair is cut straight across without layers for a clean, sharp look.
  7. Asymmetrical Cut: A haircut with uneven lengths on different sides for a modern and edgy style.
  8. Cropped Cut: Very short hair, often cut close to the head.
  9. Bangs or Fringe Cut: Haircut where part of the hair falls over the forehead.
  10. Curly Cut: A haircut specifically designed to enhance and embrace natural curls.
  11. Straight Cut: Hair is cut evenly without layers for a sleek and polished appearance.
  12. Choppy Cut: Haircut with irregular, choppy layers for a textured and edgy look.
  13. Feathered Cut: Soft, feather-like layers for a light and airy appearance.
  14. Undercut: Short sides and back with longer hair on top, often featuring shaved or closely cropped sides.
  15. Mullet: Short hair at the front and sides, with longer hair at the back.
  16. Bowl Cut: Haircut where the hair is cut in a straight line around the head, resembling a bowl.
  17. Curtain Bangs Cut: Bangs that are parted in the middle and styled to frame the face.
  18. Disconnected Cut: A haircut where different sections of the hair don’t blend smoothly, creating a distinct separation.
  19. Tapered Cut: Gradual decrease in hair length, often seen in short hairstyles.
  20. Razor Cut: Haircut created using a razor for a softer and textured finish.

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