Hair Coloring

All Hair Coloring Consultations are free!

Are you not really sure what you want to do with your hair? Not a problem! We are happy to help, book your free Consultation today and we will go over the look, what we need to achieve the look, and pricing. We want you to leave knowing what to expect, and excited to transform your hair!

Planning your Visit with us

Please plan accordingly for your visit with us. Chemical services appointments can be anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Please ask your stylist before booking a time estimate so you can plan your day accordingly. We offer coffee, water, soda, and snacks. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. If you need special assistance please contact us prior to your appointment, so we can try our best to accommodate.

All Over Color:

Hair color is applied to your entire head in a single process. This is ideal for clients looking to achieve a richer look and ideal for covering grey! $85+ Depends on the thickness and length of the hair. Does not include highlights. Includes Shampoo, conditioning, and simple style.

Root touch-up:

A solid hair color to touch up regrowth up to 2 inches past the root. $65+ price depends on the thickness and length of the hair. Does not include highlights or color to the ends. Shampoo, conditioning, and simple style is included.


Tonal Refresh and Glosses are a great way to freshen up your hair, and add shine! Book this in between your highlighting visits, or just to add that shine! $45+ Includes shampoo, conditioning, and a simple style.

Partial Highlights:

Highlights around the face and at the part line. It is a great way to achieve brightness on the top of your hair! $75+ Includes any toning needed, shampoo, conditioning, and simple style.

Full highlight:

Highlights spread across your entire head. Idea for clients who love their base tone but want to enhance their hair with lighter strands. $105+ Includes any toning needed, shampoo, conditioning, and a simple style.


Highlights with an added darker color to bring more dimension to your hair. $115+ Includes Shampoo conditioning and simple style.

Lived in Color / Balayage :

Low maintenance hair color, seamless growout. Add pops of blonde with a smudged root. $145+ Includes highlights, smudged roots, toner, Shampoo, conditioning, and a simple style.


Fantasy Color:

Any color that isn’t natural. Red, pink, purple, yellow, green, etc. $145+ Includes Shampoo, conditioning, and simple style.

Color Correction

Corrective Color by Consultation

Tried to DIY your hair color at home? Disappointed with the hair color you received at another hair salon? Schedule a corrective color consultation with one of our expert Artists to get the color and style you really want.

Pricing Varies

Protect Your Investment, Repair Previous Damage

It’s Like Insurance For Your Hair!

Hair damage can happen from countless things like hair Chemicals, Chlorine from swimming pools, hard water, heat from styling, or styling product buildup. Adding a treatment upgrade can help repair damage and prevent future wear and tear.

Olaplex Bond Builder is a must-have for every color service. This product repairs the bonds that are typically stripped during a color service. This makes your hair look its best and keeps it as healthy as possible. Be sure to ask your stylist about adding Olaplex to your service!

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